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I love the fact that you have someone to help and advise at all times. I enjoy the books that I have received from you. The quality of both paper and printing definitely exceeded my expectations. Your delivery time along with generous discounts along
I didn’t know what Mixbook was & received a coupon for their site. My dog had suddenly passed away & so I checked it out. I made the cutest & most beautiful picture book of her (my dog) along with my cats that had recently passed as well
I think Mixbook is very user friendly! The chat box turned out to be very helpful when I was stuck and needed guidance while working on pages. I love the many options that they offer with background themes and stickers to enhance the pages and make
My dog photo album was perfect! The app is so easy to use and easily upload pics from my phone. The quality of the photo album is amazing. Customer service was outstanding. My coupon code did not take after the checkout due to expiring a few minutes
The final product was exceptional. The colors in the photobook was brilliant and true to the original photographs, in fact, may be even better. The price was very reasonable especially when the discount was applied. I have had nine photobooks handle
Great Product at a great price. Fast shipping too.We make yearbooks for AFS exchange students yearly, I used to use another site to build the yearbook and another to print. Now I have one stop shopping with a much better product and turnaround time.
Mixbook is easy to use and the templates are totally customizable. I prefer the blank canvas for my books (yes I have done several over a period of several years).I especially liked the way your team contacted me when I was interested in multiple cop
I had a coupon for a free one pay shipping and my book came but some of the pictures looked really grainy. I know it’s not my camera settings cause I am a photographer. Other then that everything was good. We use these types of books for our educ
I had never heard of Mixbook but got a coupon deal through Petsmart for a pet book. i gave it a try and loved it! The creation was so easy and it came back faster than I was expecting. The final product was so high quality and definitely a keeper.
Great that you can lighten or darken a picture while in your project. Prices are rather high so I think that projects over $40 or so should have free postage. Recommending a new user gives a person a coupon worth less than if you order alone. It also
Our cruise line was right!We got a coupon from our cruise and tried out the offer. I used it to document our cruise vacation and it was really nice to have the ship elements and little fun designs to add to the vibe. The print and quality were just w
The product is quality material and the pictures look good but setting it up is very difficult, especially on an iPhone. Easy to get discouraged and just give up. Please make it more user friendly so I can move photos and captions where I want them a
I really enjoyed making my book, it was a cruise vacation. The editing choices were very pleasing and easy to use. I had got a promotion coupon from the cruise to use for a book. I would recommend it, as also the prices are good with upgrades. Thank
Mixbook makes it easy to make a beautiful album! Only giving 4 stars because, even with a sale price / discount code, it was super expensive to make a large-ish book. That is likely just the real cost of printing a multi-paged, hard-cover album, but
I've created several photo books through Mixbook and have been very pleased with the results. I am glad that they offer a photo-book with portrait orientation that can fit properly on a book shelf. My photos always look great and they are very
Our kids were thrilled to get their yearbooks!! But even better, they got them super early!! I told the kids not to expect them until the last day of school and they ended up coming in on the 7th instead of the 16th!! Not only did this allow our kidd
I got a discount card from Petsmart and that is how I heard about Mixbook. My dog had passed away in March and I decided to use the coupon to make a special remembrance book. It was so much fun creating the book. So many emotions went through as I
I spent time creating some precious memories that I had with my love. The album is in good quality and the presentation box is really lovely. Packing is awesome. The downside is that the website is not user-friendly and is a bit pricey. Glad I'v
I love the easy "GUI" interface. That makes it easy and fun to build a Mixbook.On one occasion I had to get help. The person that helped me went above and beyond making sure that I received the discount that I was due.
I really appreciated the partnership with PetSmart for a reduced price book and the quality and speed of the book arriving was excellent and faster than I expected

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Mixbook is an Internet-based photo design tool and photo product service based in Redwood City, California. Mixbook's service allows customers to design customized photo books, cards, calendars, canvas prints and photo prints through its online interface. Wikipedia

Founders: Andrew Laffoon, Aryk Grosz